Thursday, June 3, 2010

Praise be Jesus!

And Lord have mercy!
When did it get so flipping hot in Massachusetts? I've been told that Northampton is in a "bowl" which is why it gets really hot and dang humid.
I say that and then I think, waitjustasecond- this is wussy Massauchusetts' "hot and humid". Massachusetts where more than once I have been charged for iced tea refills... can you imagine? Quelle horreur!

I just looked up Raleigh's comparative heat and humidity and had a good chuckle at how hot... "you call this hot?" Northampton is not. Raleigh was sporting some fierce 95% humidity. Is that all you got? Another 5% is what it takes before shit gets real.
Oh, Iced Tea, I love you. Oh, Massachusetts, I love you too! You bastion of liberal puritanism. Oh, North Carolina, I do miss you. You, with your perfectly sweetened iced tea, and your men who can both roast a pig and get me out of a ditch when a three point turn goes horribly awry... perhaps we will reunite on Massachusetts' winter watch. Until then I shall be swimming in the cold, cold, sea of the north Atlantic... "Hello, Herring Cove! Ummm, yeah, you might wanna put a little sunscreen on that..."

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