Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yeti sighting!

I've been working on a Yeti tee shirt for my friend Shae. It's a birthday present (FYI his birthday was October, 26th... oops) but French knots  take a little bit longer than your average embroidery stitch. And Yetis, not that I've ever seen one, are some furry bitches... supposedly. The problem is that I ran out of one of the colors of embroidery thread and now my Yeti looks like he's wearing Uggs. It wasn't supposed to look like that, but I underestimated how much thread I'd need. Here's the beginning- the outline and some of the progression.
Latest Yeti fur update:
fully furred on his bottom half!
It is now Christian and safe for viewing at work!
Almost done.

And, finished!


  1. Cool! It does seem the Yeti and Sasquatch are becoming popular once again.

  2. Thanks @thoughtbeast... keep checking back for the fur production. It's SO close to being done!

    @Gin- Yeah, I thought you would like those... maybe I'll give him/her(?) some mirrored Chanel sunglasses!?!